Half-Marathon Weekly Training Recap: Hanging On By My Fingernails

I’m writing this under pretty extreme sleep deprivation so I’m going to keep this short and sweet.  I missed a lot of training opportunities, and cross-training was the big victim.  Here are the running miles I put in:

Date 1/27 1/28 1/29 1/30 1/31 2/1 2/2 TOTAL
km 11.9 6.4 8 7.2


A total of 33.5km compared to 34.8km expected.  Not bad, but I really don’t like not getting my cross-training in.  We’re fighting colds and ear infections in the house, and I had some corporate training to attend too.  

  • Sunday’s run was in my old neighbourhood which was fun.

  • I did the Tempo Run on Thursday.

  • Saturday I did my 7.2km pushing the Chariot with the Lightning Kid.  Afterwards he kept me company for some foam rolling.  Best run of the week!

UPDATE: I’m also bummed that the Yeti Snowshoe Race was cancelled due to an extreme thaw this week.  I’m going to do 5k on Monday as my Kyle’s Krusade race.

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