ironrogueI am a happily married father of two boys (toddler and baby), I work as an engineer in wireless communications, but I blog about triathlons and everything I do that pertains to them and any other multi-sport and fitness activities I can take up.

I started running long distance as a means to keep in shape, working my way up to half-marathons in 2004 and 2005 and finally a marathon in 2006.  I’m very proud of that last achievement, and I loved the idea of pushing my own endurance envelope, but it was just too much running for me.  I already swam and biked (sometimes as cross-training), so I made 2007 the year I tried triathlons and I’ve never looked back.

I’ve noticed a lot of triathlon training resources (including training plans I’ve attempted to follow) indicate needing to have 2 workouts in different disciplines per day, as well as participating in group rides, joining masters swim clubs, hiring coaches, etc.  Not realistic when you have unexpected overtime or diaper emergencies that will make you late for any appointment based training.  It’s for those reasons, plus the fact that I simply enjoy flying solo, that I take a very DIY approach to my training philosophy, and that will often be reflected here.

Probably the main thing I like about triathlon is the ‘Jack-of-All-Trades/Master-of-None’ philosophy that seems to happen; I’ve stated in the past that I seem to have ‘Fitness ADD’.  I like finding ways to workout and train that combine multiple priorities, sports or disciplines, and I occasionally explore these ideas in a series called ‘The Multi-Sport Mind’.  You can find these post by the labels on the right.

I go a little more into what the themes of this blog are here.