Why You Should Join Me At the 5 Peaks Terra Cotta Trail Run

The trail running season starts on Saturday April 25th, at Terra Cotta Conservation Area, and the entire Iron Rogue clan will be there.  Unless you’re new around here, you should be no stranger to the 5 Peaks Race series (recaps: here, here, here, here, here and here). They’re a fun event, and super family friendly.

Let me break it down for you…

  • They are friendly to beginners.  There are two course lengths, Enduro and Sport which are 10.8 and 5.4 km respectively.  If you feel you’re a slower runner, or are intimidated, you can simply seed yourself in one of the last waves, and then you don’t have to worry about being passed.
  • They have Clif Bars and Kicking Horse coffee on site.
  • Terra Cotta is a beautiful conservation area, but not as well known as some in the Greater Toronto Area.  Running this race affords all kinds of ‘Terra Cotta Warrior’ puns/jokes.
  • Kids can run the competitive 3km race or the fun 1km race.
  • You will get a free high-five from the Lightning Kid
  • Trail running is the purest form of running; you’re closer to nature than when you’re on  a sidewalk or road, and ditching the headphones means tuning into the experience of finding out what your body can do.
  • Many awesome local fitness/welness bloggers are expected to attend including Jessica from Laces & Lattes, Krysten from Misadventures of a Darwinian Fail, and Michelle from Michelle The Runner.
  • Thanks to me, you get a discount on your registration! Use the code AxelsTrailPals when registering online.
Not good enough? What about a free entry?  One random winner will receive a discount code.  You can put several entries in and the winner will be announced on Monday April 20th.

So… do you want to give trail running a try with me?

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