Monday Swim

Though my training plan is not yet solidified (I need to do a little more research and work), I know I’ll need a base phase to prepare my body; up till now workouts have been not totally infrequent, but not regular enough for real training.  I need to get up to 6 days a week of workouts.  The weekend was a little tough on my knees, so I opted for a swim on Monday which is in keeping with what I had planned for that Monday (and most Mondays going forward).

I didn’t feel like following a prescribed program or doing much drill work, so here’s how it turned out.

  • Warm-up: 300m
  • 1st Drill: 2x 100m with a pull-buoy.  I held the pull-buoy between my shins on the first set, since I believe it’s there to teach me to use my core to stay level in the water, and carrying it higher simply makes it do the work for me.  It was a little hard (like holding a plank for 2 minutes) so I brought it closer to my knees on the second set.
  • 2nd Drill: 2x150m with hand-paddle gloves.  I was testing out my shoulders here since a little impingement issue flared up last week.  I honestly meant to do 2x100m, and accidentally kept going on the first set, so why not do 2x150m?
  • Main set: a pyramid with increasing intensity:
    • 100m in 2:07
    • 100m in 1:59
    • 100m in 1:52
    • 100m in 1:57
    • 100m in 2:17
  • Cool down: 100m breast-stroke and 100m back-crawl.

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